meteosound 08



Meteosound/Select Cuts / METEO 008
efa 33488-6
Streetdate: april 18, 2003



The label has stumbled on invisible paths to discover an unorthodox HipHop track called 'Delaware' from the Glasgow crew Monkeytribe. HipHop and Glasgow? People definitely know how to party there. Chicago and New York House music have left obvious traces in the Glasgow underground. HipHop, on the other hand, seems most likely to be more than an ocean's length away from this Scottish city. The distance is of course not the worst foundation, being far from the US mothership, to depart from current HipHop conventions and opt for idiosyncratic productions. Is then HipHop, along side house and techno, another aspect of an experimenting musical understanding in many directions for this four-headed Monkeytribe crew? -- made in Glasgow. 'Delaware' is multi-leveled: the track gnaws a permeable scheme with its acoustic guitar-loops, those spacey dub-echo chambers, the mysterious xylophon sample, and a charming but forceful up-tempo flow next to a pretty outer worldly vocal contribution of the rapper MC Soom T. Here, one most definitely remembers HipHop from the early 90s when the gangster image was fading and De La Soul came in with the hippie type psychedelics while Cypress Hill made their claim for the doobie. Influences of the Monkeytribe are everything but pure HipHop: Cook, who's responsible for devising loops, sites Underworld or ambient predecessors like the Orb, MC Soom T was socialized by Lauryn Hill, house from Armand Van Helden or even Salt'n'Pepa, while guitarist Col B upholds the songwriting format with The Beatles, Neil Young, Captain Beefheart or the Beta Band in his collection. The Monkeytribe DJ Paladini lists 'free beer & a fight' under "ambitions" on the tribe's web site. This party nut also digs Ninja Tune or Detroit techno activists like Plastikman and The Orb. There even seems to be a friendship with Alex Paterson from The Orb. The connection to Daniel Meteo in Berlin literally came from a wire to the Orb camp. Coming from a city where HipHop don't belong on a label where HipHop don't belong? whatever: the gap aside from categories is the future.