meteosound 07



Meteosound/Select Cuts / METEO 007 33487-6 80D
PRESALE: Streetdate: 02.2003

A1 Driven
A2 Woods
B1 Tube-Dub
B2 Woods (D METEO Remix)

Berlin based producer and reggae guitarist LARS FENIN has released several 12Inch Singles and EPs for the German electronic label Shitkatapult (especially strike 31: fenin "done ep" is a huge step in clubbing techno worlds). With "Driven" FENIN delivers a new slice of his modern dub for Meteosound.

This connection is obvious since the two labels, Meteosound and Shitkatapult, are sharing offices. FENIN could already be seen performing a wicked dubby show on Meteosound club events with raving knarz-techno-heroes under one Jamaican groove.

The title track "Driven" is a stepping tune with a halfbeat bassdrum kicking a clever chord progression, could be discribed as "Œdriven by dub". The B-Side "Tube-Dub" translates minimal techno atmosphere into new areas. Downtempo interplay "Woods" is presented here in its original version and in a D METEO remix.

D METEO is meteosound label owner (reggaephile, dj and producer in Berlin) who could be already heard as guitarist for POLE's album R and with his project BUS (scape music).

Urban Dub Duo BUS are D Meteo in cooperation with TOM THIEL known from SUN ELECTRIC. METEO dj sets can be seen in his regular club events for Meteosound, Scape or Oceanclub or as radio dj for the Oceanclub crew (w/ THOMAS FEHLMANN + GUDRUN GUT).

On the 1st of feb 2003 METEO is listed as a dj in the line up of the famous CLUBRANSMEDIALE festival (Maria am Ostbahnhof) together with artists like POLE, JAN JELINEK, RECHENZENTRUM or SND. This festival is presented by the Wire magazine and D METEO´s WOODS remix will be liscened on the Wire-Clubtransmediale free cd compilation (10 000 free copies!! in februar issue) together with artists like THOMAS FEHLMANN, THOMAS BRINKMANN, POLE, JAN JELINEK a.o. Berlin's modern dub generation shines fresh and clear.

With FENIN's "Driven", Meteosound starts a new series of 12Inch specials exploring different styles.