go mixes

a1 moonoverdada (peter grummich remix)
b1 bass and go (apparat remix)
b2 bass and go (potrable remix)

DE:BUG Feb. 05
Meteo/Thiel - Go Mixes (Meteosound)
Grummich, Apparat und Portable, was will man mehr von einer Remix EP. Peter lässt Dub mal zuhause, auch wenn ab und an ein paar Hallräume herumschwirren und verlegt sich lieber auf knallig abstrakte Technogrooves mit absurd gesäuselter Melodie die durch die Basswellen stapft, Apparat klingt wie der junge Aphex Twin auf einem Trip in die abstrakten Melodien und Grooves frischester Software und wirbelt träumerisch durch die weit geöffneten Ohren und Portable zaubert eine extrem Spannung aus bissigen Sounds und soulig angedeuteten Moogs zu einem dieser unterirdirsch groovenden Monster zusammen. Sehr fein.
Meteo/Thiel   Go Mixes

Meteo 15 (www.meteosound.net)
12" Vinyl - feb 05

Bus Duo Tom Thiel and Daniel Meteo continue the "bass and go" sessions (meteo 013) with these kinda post techno dub remix collection called "go mixes" on Meteosound. Meteo/Thiel aka Bus were pretty busy remixing artists like The Orb (for Hexxus and Meteosound), Mikkel Metall (Echocord), Dntel (Plug Research), Masha Qrella (Morr Music), Apparat (Shitkatapult) and many others. This time friends and heros are remixing the "bass and go" files of the Berlin Duo.

Opener "Moonoverdada" remixed by Berlins Afterhour Darling Peter Grummich is a straight dancefloor track, 4tothefloor - waving the guitars and keyboard lines of the (un-released) original into a magical moment of happyhippy technodub music. Crowned by a simple and kicking hook bassline. Grummich is known for his deep techno/house releases on labels like Shitkatapult, Kompakt, Sender, Spectral or his own label imprint Boot.

The flip side presents two remixes of "bass and go" title track - b1 remix by Shitkatapult owner Sascha Ring aka Apparat - showcases a weird mixture between the african soultechno flow of "bass and go" and Apparats significant production methods... post warp Shitkatapult "musick" songwriting. B2 finds "bass and go" in a typical remix work by southafrican born and london based Alan Abrahams aka Portable. Portable is one of Meteosounds favorite future Techno producer who manages to present a futuristique mixture of Ambient-Tribal-Techno Rave music ... rhythmic and pulsing. Portable releases on Background and his own great label Süd (distributed by Detroit«s Submerge group).

With "go mxies" Meteosound likes to present another club vinyl - dubby and soulful modern electronic music.

bass and go

a1 Bass And Go
a2 We Do
b1 Miami
b2 Towards Bounce
Meteo/Thiel   Bass And Go

Meteo 13 (www.meteosound.net)
12" Vinyl - sept 04

daniel meteo and tom thiel are known as producers for hiphop-influenced dub electronica as "bus". "bus" released 2 vinyl eps and an album on "pole's" high profile label ~scape. now on meteo 013 meteo/thiel debute under their own names.

"bass and go" takes a deep breath into soulful dub-technologies, following the line of meteosound-vinyl series that cross borders between dub and elsewhere (see meteo 12" 007-012 feat. fenin, monkeytribe, the rootsman a.o.).

title track "bass and go" is a 114 bpm stepper with a strong approach of african beats, soulful dubtech and handmade guitar works on top of a stomping riddem. a2 aka "we do" returns into a halftempo feeling of classical dub that runs on pure dope: whispering melodies and voices, echos and !bass.

side b opener "miami" features electronic handwriting - warm sounds, chattering flamigo vst-guitars and endless dreaming. this 4 track vinyl finishes too soon with "towards bounce", a simple declaration of classic and future dubbology -- organs on and off from nowhere, bass let go...