keep life right

a01 keep life right (edit)
a02 keep life right (dub)
a03 keep life right (accapella)
b01 keep life right (dabrye remix)
b02 middle of the road (disco mix)
b03 middle of the road (disco dub mix)
BUS feat. MC Soom-T   Keep Life Right EP

˜scape 18
12" Vinyl - sept 03

Bus, driven by Berliners Daniel Meteo and Tom Thiel, skirt the borderline between dub and hiphop, handing the board mike to Glaswegian MC Soom-T. En route, Dabrye from Ann Arbor/Detroit short-circuits the electrified fence. Freedom for all border crossers!

With the 12inch "Keep Life Right" heralding their forthcoming album "Middle of the Road" Bus release their riff of dub, minimal electronica and hiphop onto the dancehalls. Mixing their purist style with slightly desolate undertones, this time they are reinforced by the eloquent brain and sharp voice of Scottish MC Soom-T. The finalist of this year's British 8 Mile MC Championships raps a wrongly forgotten recitative style, voice full of sharp, credible femininity and demanding involvement far from the prevalent lady, bitch or girl patterns. "Keep Life Right" is a pleasantly unpretentious, shuffling dub, carefully circling the dancefloor. Then hiphop electronica specialist Dabrye injects his remix and the floor with an extra dose of high voltage, split hooks and deeply glistening bass, and suddenly the track spells Buzz, not Bus. The latter turn the upcoming album's title track "Middle of the Road" into a self-deprecating "Disco-Mix" for the vinyl version. Sparsely equipped, but markedly faster than the original, small melodies become question marks, isolated beats and charmingly quirky sounds a statement of faith "never getting old from the underground".

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