Diamond EP

a1: Diamond In The Rough
a2: Diamond In The Rough
(Extended Instrumental)
b1: Don't Change It
b2: Slow
BUS feat. MC Soom-T   Diamond EP

˜scape 24
12" Vinyl - nov 04

This year, Bus have become a convertible. On their new "Diamond" EP everything is pervaded by a new, dynamic, open feel - just like the sensation of loving your favourite club with renewed vigour after an elongated redecoration break. Maybe, just maybe this new direction has something to do with Daniel Meteo and Tom Thiel's new studio, finally allowing them to crank up all those tunes beyond sedentary, neighbour-friendly levels.

And "Diamond in the Rough" (its vocal version again graced by Scottish MC Soom-T) is one of those minimal, exuberant pieces of flickering dub better played loud. But while its funky claps and tiny melodies might point it towards the nearest the disco, it is more likely follow the signs to the nearest open air, pursuing that fluffy cloud high up in the sky shaped like an airy and eerie phantom Bus. "Don't change it" brims with self-confident chuckles and clucking cadences, always finishing in harmony – and again features MC Soom-T who adds a relaxing, yet forceful rap to this track. And finally, "Slow" deigns to rumble out of the experimental corner with affirmative leisureliness to indulge in some slightly bonkers jangly vibraphone sounds.

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